Environmental Responsibility

Through our work ethics we strive to balance a fulfilled lifestyle with consideration of the environment, and believe that this is the best way to attain a truly vibrant society and better global environment.

The steps we’re taking

Energy conservation

  • We're working to help our employees maintain awareness of environmental issues and to engage in voluntary energy- and resource-saving activities through low-key, but steady efforts, such as lowering daytime lighting usage rates and cutting down on standby electricity.
  • As a measure against global warming and fossil fuel depletion, we worked with the energy service company ESCO to introduce a cogeneration system that produces both heat and electricity from a single energy source. This resulted in a reduction of 1275 tons ofannual CO2 emissions.

Waste reduction and recycling

  • We do our best to make effective use of waste resources at all our places of business, and are promoting zero emission activities that will reduce as much as possible the amount of waste that ends up in land fills.
  • Our kitchen counters are manufactured with sink and heating element holes in place, minimizing the material waste that would have been created by cutting instead.
  • Complete bathroom units are shipped in our custom, reusable containers, an example of our efforts to reduce packaging waste.
Main certifications and awards
ISO 9001 (2008 transitional edition; Nishiyama facility and Toclas products only)
ISO 14001 (Dec 2007 edition; 20048 transitional edition; Nishiyama facility and Toclas products only
Chairman's Award for Excellence in Hazardous Materials Handling, Shizuoka Prefecture Hazardous Materials Safety Association (Sept 2017)