TOCLAS History

Toclas: Advancing to the next level

From the age of products to the age of solutions

Fundamental changes brought about by the recent global financial crisis, the Great East Japan Earthquake, and the unprecedented events that followed have upset the social order, creating a new sense of values and spawning a new way of life. The conditions faced by the household appliance industry continue to change on a daily basis: we have progressed from an age of products to an age of solutions, and consumer values have become more varied. Our bathroom and kitchen products are essential items that our customers make use of every day. Our job is not simply to sell the products that we manufacture, but also to take account of our customers’ perspectives and to provide them with solutions in their daily lives.

Tradition and reform

We have been manufacturing products for daily life for over 40 years, having started out manufacturing musical instruments. We want to keep a constant eye on how our customers live, and expand into new fields with our unique technology. All our kitchen and bathroom products reflect this commitment. In order to meet the needs of the current era of change and retain our status as a corporation that serves the world’s needs, Toclas is taking another step forward.



The Toclas philosophy


Toclas comes from the Japanese expression "... to kurasu" which means "to live with." This represents our desire to be a company that maintains long-term relationships with each and every customer and that continues to provide new types of value to them in their daily lives. This logo represents the resolve to create new types of lifestyle and the quality that are inherent in the Toclas brand. The check mark symbol transcends language barriers and represents the Toclas Corporation’s philosophy; "Living with our customers—every day."