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For over 50 years, TOCLAS has been manufacturing and selling system kitchens and other products to create a better life. While recognizing the importance of our tradition of honest pursuit of craftsmanship, we continue to challenge ourselves to be one step ahead in manufacturing.

With our corporate philosophy "Adding refinement to life's journey" set forth at the time of our establishment, we aim to be a "lifestyle design company" that creates new value for more comfortable, enjoyable, and fulfilling life. The spread of Covid-19 has changed the world dramatically, and as we continue to live in this new normal, new needs in housing are emerging, and new products are required in order to meet these needs. We hope to become a company that will engage with customers more to quickly identify what they will need in the future and make these a reality, thus allowing us to respond quickly to the changing times.

With a brand slogan of "Forever touching your heart," we will apply the technologies we have accumulated to the things we make, providing long-life products that people can use and grow fond of over extended periods, together with services that enrich their lives, thus enhancing the comfort of our customers.

Kazuhiro Koizumi